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Lopez banner of love shares heartfelt words with West

On Thursday, April 25, Lopez Middle School sent two support banners to West Middle School of West, Texas who are still reeling from the recent fertilizer plant explosion. In dialogue with both their principal and counselor they stated, “We are making it one minute at a time here, please continue to keep us in your prayers!”

The students at Lopez Middle School made the two banners with hands to show support and included icons of San Antonio on the banners with words of, “You do not stand alone, our prayers are with you” and included the main theme in huge letters, “Thinking of You”.

Through communication between the two middle schools it was agreed that banners showing support would be a boost to the hurting community; the banners will be hung in the school halls. We will keep them in our hearts and Lopez will remain ready to rally around fellow middle schoolers in time of need.
Picture included shows Lopez award winning art students helping with banners.

Lopez students work on their banner of love.With paint drenched hands and brushes, the award-winning art students work on the Lopez banners of love.

Posted on April 29, 2013