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Longs Creek prepares students for staar and College

Longs Creek Elementary School students are not only prepared for STAAR, but are also learning about the importance of attendance and college. Enjoy the latest stories from the Cowboys.

Longs Creek College Bound

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Students from the Harris Middle School AVID (Advancement Via Individual Determination) program, Genesis Cogle and Christina Duarte, paid a welcome visit to Longs Creek Elementary School. The AVID students worked on a project to contact colleges and universities across the country to see if they would donate a school banner.

The project was a great success. Dozens of banners were received and presented to Longs Creek Principal Glenn Forde and Student Council representatives Ryan Murk and Brooke Peterson to display around campus to exemplify college awareness, which is the first step in college readiness.


Longs Creek Students celebrate NBA (Never Been Absent) status

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The Longs Creek Elementary School NBA (Never Been Absent) Program is designed to promote attendance at the campus. Every nine weeks, students that have zero absences can participate in a basketball game against a host team during their enrichment time. Students took on the Madison High School Basketball team. Students gave their best, from 3 pointers to slam-dunks. a great time was had by all. Students are looking forward to the final game of the season against a mystery team.

Longs Creek STAAR Pep Rally

Longs Creek STAAR Pep Rally

Students and teachers at Longs Creek Elementary School got “Happy” on Mar. 28 as they celebrated the hard work everyone has done preparing for the state examination. Students from kindergarten through fifth grade took part in the celebration. Adding to the event was a dance routine performed by the Madison High School Dollies. Third, fourth and fifth grade classes all preformed a motivational cheer. The highlight of the event was a line dance performed by the 5th grade to the “Happy” song. Student and staff look forward to meeting the challenges of the STAAR examination.

Madison Dollies Pep Rally
Pep Rally Pep Rally


Posted on April 7, 2014