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North East ISD home to top kid philosophers

Elizabeth Fowler holds up her certificate.Elizabeth holds up her latest awards.

Which is more powerful, love or hate? Students nationwide aimed to be the most philosophical in America by answering that question during the 2013 Kids Philosophy Slam. Results were announced June 5, and out of 4,000 entries two North East ISD students shined in the competition, taking first and second place in the fifth grade category. Elizabeth Fowler of Longs Creek Elementary School captured first place, making her “The Most Philosophical 5th Grader in America.” After participating in the contest for the past few years, Canyon Ridge Elementary School is celebrating their second place winner, Zachary Auster.

The competition challenged the students to tap into their intellectual and creative potential, while giving them a platform to express themselves. The winning students had fun embracing a subject that is often feared by college students.

“Pure love sprays out, like a fountain. Hate, like a prison in your mind, trapped,” wrote Elizabeth in her argument. Zachary wrote, “Every day in my world I see people who hate simply because someone is different than they are,” in his argument that hate is a more powerful emotion.

To read Elizabeth’s and Zachary’s full arguments click here and scroll down to the 5th grade catergory.

Posted on June 6, 2013