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Lee/ISA hosts students and teacher from jiamusi, CHina

Texas Frame

A special Texas plaque was given to the students.

This past week, the International School of the Americas (ISA) had the pleasure of hosting 16 exchange students and a teacher from Jiamusi No. 1 Junior High School (JNJHS) in China. Jiamusi No. 1 Junior High School is situated in Jiamusi City, Heilongjiang Province, Northern China. JNJHS and ISA established partnership in 2010. Several of the teachers and students, including the ISA director Emily Bieser and the Assistance Principal Paul Smith, had the opportunity to visit the partner school in 2010 and 2011.

“Their hospitality was unforgettable,” said Smith. This was the second time ISA received teachers and students from Jiamusi. A welcome ceremony was held in Lee auditorium on February 11 to welcome the visitors.

Group photo

The exchange student program has been a prominent and beneficial aspect of ISA because the program promotes cultural awareness and global education. ISA currently has several partner schools all around the world, such as China, South Korea, Japan, and Mexico. Students that travel with the exchange program develop their understanding of different cultures, practice foreign language skills, and learn about different places outside of their home country.

Students in the Mandarin Chinese class had the opportunity to interact and exchange cultural perspective with the visiting students from China. In addition, the exchange students, their host brothers and sisters, as well as the Chinese classes visited some famous destinations in San Antonio together, such as the San Antonio Museum of Art, the Alamo, and the Tower of the Americas. It was an excellent way for the exchange students to explore the city with American students. Students from China attended classes with their host brother or sister as well, which allowed them to see some differences between education and societies.

Group photo

The exchange students take a group photo.

Students who hosted greatly benefited from the experience. “I highly suggest hosting an exchange student if you have the chance, as this is a rewarding and rich experience for both parties,” said Madeline Carrola, a student in North East School of the Arts (NESA).

The hosting students presented a plaque to the partner school as a souvenir to commemorate this visit and give them their best wishes. Future collaboration between JNJHS and ISA is expected. To inquire more information about the exchange program and Mandarin Chinese class, please contact the counselors at Lee/ISA.

Stage Photo

ISA and Lee students stand up during the welcome ceremony.


Posted on February 21, 2014