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"Got Milk!" Larkspur Elementary does

Dairy Farmer

Star the dairy cow at Larkspur Elementary School.

In late February, students got a first-hand look at one of life’s amazing wholesome goodness. Southwest Dairy Farmers visited the campus on a chilly and rainy Wednesday afternoon and brought along Star, a 2-year-old Jersey Cow. Star entertained the students and staff by doing what she always does; making fresh milk.

In fact, the jersey heifer makes about five and a half gallons a day. “We come to schools to promote dairy product use and share the benefits of its daily use,” said Clyde Holekamp, an instructor for Southwest Dairy Farmers. “We also share with students the importance of food safety and what it means to them."

According to their website, Southwest Dairy Farmers is an alliance of dairy farmers from Texas, New Mexico, Arkansas, Kansas, Missouri, and Oklahoma. These producers have pooled their resources to provide consumer education in nutrition, to promote dairy product use, and provide dairy product information.

“It’s always fun to come visit with the kids. They always have a lot of questions,” Holecamp added.
Some of those questions were entertaining. One kindergartener asked, “Why is she so mad?” another one asked “Why is she brown and not black and white?”

Dairy Farmer visit

Larkspur students take a photo in front of the Dairy Farm Classroom during the presentation.

Posted on March 5, 2014