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Falcon Literacy Fright Night

DATE: Oct. 29
TIME: 4-6 pm
LOCATION: Krueger MS, 438 Lanark Dr.

You don't want to miss the Krueger Falcon Literacy Fright Night. Check out all the event has to offer.

Booth #1: Mask-Making
Description/Objective: This booth will provide a creative outlet for students, as well as allow them to create a costume for themselves if they were unable to purchase one or bring one to the event. Additionally, upon completing their masks students will be asked to explain the story of the character they chose which will allow them to utilize vocabulary, story creating skills, and analytical skills when listening to others’ stories.

Booth #2: Halloween Candy Riddles
Description/Objective: Students will create riddles on candy shaped paper to describe their favorite treat on Halloween.
They will arrive at the booth. They will be introduced to the activity and given a candy shaped piece of paper. They will have markers to decorate and write. Before they are done with the activity they will have to respond to: Create a riddle or rhyme that describes or alludes to your favorite candy.
"This tasty treat, is oh so sweet and only for those that are bold. Could you guess it, if I told you, it's name refers to a famous trio of old."
Essentially, create a riddle or rhyme that describes your favorite candy that you might receive on Halloween without saying what it is."

Booth #3: Synonym Slime
Description/Objective: This event will be set up into three parts. There will be three bowls placed on a table. In each bowl will be something slimy. Students will have to put their hand into each bowl and use adjectives to describe it. The idea is that students will use “weak” adjectives at first. When this happens they will then look up their adjective in thesaurus and pick a “stronger” adjective. This will continue on until the ghost is filled up. There will be a scale of adjectives starting with, “Boo-basic” and going to “Spook-tacular.” Students will be working in groups while doing this. The activity should take a total of 12 minutes, allowing four minutes for each process.
While students are doing this, I (a Corps Member) will be recording their answers on the ghost and putting them on the scale.
There will be an example so students can see what exactly they should be doing.
Example: Good ->wonderful

Booth #4: Mad Libs Poetry Slam
Description/Objective: This event is a poetry slam. We have students work on Halloween theme Mad Libs instead of poetry (due to time constraints), and present them to the group.

Booth #5: “ARRRR you scared yet? Readers Theatre”
Description/Objective: As the students come out to the courtyard the Corps Member will already be sitting on stage singing “Yo ho, yo ho a pirates life for me / we pillage, we plunder, we rifle and loot / Stand up me 'earties, yo ho. / we hijack and ravage and don't give a hoot/ Stand up me hearties…” At this point (or sooner) I’ll ‘notice’ the students and holler out “Ahoy there, ya landlubber’s! Gather round gather round! I need four volunteers. After the CM will hand them the story “The Pirate’s Code” and give an eye patch to each student. The CM and volunteers will go on stage and act out the skit which should take 5-8 minutes. Then the CM will give all of the audience a piece of candy and escort them back in to their next station.

For more information, contact Estelia wallace at (210) 356-4759.

Posted on October 28, 2013