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KSAT moves more for less

Eleven 8th grade Krueger School of Applied Technologies (KSAT) students culminated their 8-month project on Sunday, April 21 in Huntsville, Alabama. They were one of two middle schools in the nation to be involved in this prestigious project for the fifth time!

With their project titled "Move More For Less," the KSAT SLP team launched a rocket a mile high to determine if it is possible to increase payload mass and/or decrease fuel consumption by using transitions in a launch vehicle.

Data collected from two rockets, one with a transition and one without, was used to compare the effectiveness of a reduced airframe. This is a relevant experiment because in modern times it is necessary to establish the most cost effective means for space transportation. If all other variables are kept constant, the transition model should be able to carry a greater payload.

Overall, the rocket launch in Huntsville was a memorable and exciting experience for the KSAT students.

KSAT students get excited about rockets.The KSAT Rocketry students take a picture in front of their exhibit at the competition.

Posted on April 29, 2013