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Johnson students clean up a legacy


The completed "JJ" located in the middle of the
front parking lot.

A few years ago, a Johnson High School student volunteered to do a landscaping project in front of Johnson High School for a service project. In limestone bricks, he arranged the letters “JJ”, for “Johnson Jaguars”. He has now graduated and is in college. With no one to oversee the maintenance of the project, it had grown weeds and had several patches where the mulch became thin and landscape material was exposed.

Many students have left behind a legacy at Johnson. Now that they are off doing bigger things, the campus is taking on the responsibility to maintain what they created for future Jags.

Thanks to a donation from Stone & Soil Depot, Johnson was able to get limestone pea gravel free of cost. Several friends were willing to help, past, present, and future Jaguars: Michael and Claire Ricks, Samantha Jensen, Danielle Wilson, and Gideon Bowes. The team dedicated their time to pull weeds, rake soil, carry buckets, and spread out rock.

Participants were grateful to have had the opportunity to help out at their high school and care for a legacy left behind.


The volunteers get together after completing the project.

Volunteers volunteers
The team dedicated their time to pulling weeds and raking soil amongst other tasks.

The Before JJ

Here is a "before" photograph of the project.

Posted on December 18, 2013