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Johnson student experiment gets published


Students in six classes at Johnson High School gathered data in a novel chemistry experiment last spring, winning recognition from a nationally-known scientific instrumentation firm. Vernier Software and Technology, of Beaverton, Oregon, has awarded the school a new Spectrovis Plus spectrophotometer for use in the chemistry program. Coordinating the project was Johnson chemistry teacher W. Pat Cunningham. His six pre-AP (Advanced Placement) and regular chemistry classes performed the experiment during the spring semester.

“They generated data for this kinetics experiment that caught the attention of Vernier’s senior chemistry writer, Jack Randall,” said Cunningham. “The simplicity of the procedure and the close match with the direction Vernier is taking with high school chemistry made it suitable for their adding it to their large catalogue of lab instructions.”

Beyond that, during an AP chemistry institute held during the summer of 2013 at Madison High School, other AP chemistry teachers joined Cunningham in reproducing the experiment. The results, Cunningham reports, were extremely consistent, and generated excitement among the teachers, some of whom expect to use the lab in their own AP chemistry classes. Vernier expects to publish the new experiment sometime in the current school year in their national publication.

To read the published lab experiment click here.

Posted on September 19, 2013