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Johnson awarded for innovation in counseling

The South Texas Counseling Association (STCA) announced the Johnson High School Counseling Department as recipients of the STCA Public Relations Award. The counseling team earned the award through innovations in external communication with students and their families. Principal John Mehlbrech and counselors Patti Snider, Rebecca Hudkins, Shar Huffman, Richard Boeger, Carri Elliot and Amy Dominguez-Ibarra, were presented the award at the STCA annual banquet on May 23.  

STCA recognized Johnson’s Counseling Department for implementing products that positively promote the guidance and counseling profession to the local community. The “Virtual Guidance” e-mail initiative was a major highlight. Each week, the department sends out a mass e-mail, which aims to educate and inform students and their families about important dates, relevant information and tips on how counselors can help students.

After accepting the award, the counseling team shared their Virtual Guidance concept with local counselors.

Team of counselors and principal.The counseling team and Principal Mehlbrech celebrate their latest achievement.

Posted on May 24, 2013