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ISA Selected as a Deeper learning school

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The International School of the Americas (ISA) has been selected as a Deeper Learning School, one of twenty schools nationwide. As a Deeper Learning School, ISA has been highlighted and recognized for it's efforts to prepare all students to achieve at high levels and succeed in college, career and civic life.

The process began in the summer of 2013. ISA was nominated for consideration as a Deeper Learning School, an initiative funded by the Hewlett Foundation and launched in partnership with innovation in learning advocates, Getting Smart. The initiative aims to define and unpack deeper learning, which is explained by the foundation as the “umbrella term for the skills and knowledge that students must possess to succeed in 21st century jobs and civic life,” in successful schools across the country.

Earning this designation was no easy feat as ISA leadership worked to fill out detailed questionnaires, taking part in interviews conducted by the Getting Smart team. With this information, Getting Smart created a Deeper Learning Profile for the school. The profile cites the school's annual participation in the Model UN project as a platform where students display their deeper learning skills. (Read full profile here.)

Deeper Learning

This special recognition is fitting as ISA recently celebrated 20 years since its doors opened in 1994. The school prides itself in the relevance of its academic program, as descibed by Kathy Bieser, ISA director in the school's Deeper Learning Profile.

"Relevance is a major tenet of the school," said Bieser. "Teachers utilize strong pedagogy, weaving state standards into meaningful disciplinary and interdisciplinary units whose authentic assessments link learning to the 'real world'."

To learn more about the Deeper Learning initiative, view the Deeper Learning Infographic. To read the full Deeper Learning Executive Summary click here.

Posted on March 27, 2014