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ISA welcomes SA Talons player to Campus

Jomo Wilson

Jomo Wilson of the Talons

On Sept. 5, San Antonio Talon's wide receiver, Jomo Wilson visited with students at the International School of the Americas. He talked to the students about the Arena Football League, the San Antonio Talons, and about how important it is to do well in school.

"This was a special thing for ISA and for our Arena Football club here at ISA." said ISA sophomore Chase Risman. "Teaching this school about the sport of Arena Football is important because people learn about our great professional football team and the league in general, and having Jomo come and talk to the school about it was just a great thing for us." Risman is also president of the Arena Football club at ISA and a Talons fan himself.

"It's always important to do well in school. It doesn't matter if you're gonna be a professional football player, professional doctor, etc, you have to do good in school to get there" said Wilson during the meeting. The Arena Football Club meets every other Thursday at ISA.

Posted on September 11, 2013