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ISA & Lee sophomores attend women in science workshop

Lee/ISA sophomores participating in the lab

Lee & ISA sophomores enjoyed the new CSI facilities at Trinity.

In April, 47 sophomore girls from the International School of the Americas (ISA) and Lee High School spent the day at Trinity University participating in the Women in Science Workshop. This event, created in partnership by faculty members at Trinity University, ISA, and Lee, was designed to provide an opportunity for more girls to envision themselves in science-related majors or careers by visiting Trinity University and participating in a college laboratory experience.

“The girls chosen to attend the trip have been identified as students who show talent in science and with this type of experience will be more likely to continue taking science classes in high school and college," said Carrie Duesing, Lee chemistry teacher. "This trip provides them with an opportunity to spend time at a university and experience a college science lab. With such a discrepancy in the number of women in science-related fields, this field trip is a first step in empowering our female students to continue studying science.”

In order to expose the students to the opportunities and possibilities of pursuing science, as well as a college degree, the students spent the day investigating Trinity University’s campus, and engaging in hands-on learning in a college science laboratory. Students were introduced to Trinity through tours provided by Trinity University Students and the Admissions Office, as well as through the time they were able to spend with Dr. Mills participating in a chemistry lab in Trinity’s Center for the Sciences and Innovation (CSI). Students were also treated to lunch, sponsored by the Trinity Education Department, in one of Trinity’s main dining facilities.

During the lab portion of the workshop, students conducted a lab testing the UV absorption spectrum of various dyes, including commercially-made and natural dyes. Students were able to use Vernier Spectrophotometers to measure light absorption, and then used the dyes and swatches of cloth to create their own colored design.

“I learned about how great Trinity is, and I loved to see an actual college laboratory," noted ISA sophomore, Scout Satterfield, after participating in the lab located in the new CSI facilities. "It was very interesting, it made me want to work in one in college.”

“I really liked the trip as a whole and was very happy and glad I was invited," said Lee sophomore Zophia Salazar, after the daylong workshop. "This trip was a good learning experience about how college may be and I’m very lucky our school did this so I could have an experience like this.”

Posted on May 5, 2014