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Huebner Promotes Wellness with Kite Day

The steady winds and balmy weather attributed to a fun-filled day of kite flying at Huebner Elementary School on March 7. PE instructors, Michele Smith and Molly Ramon, coordinated the event to promote health and wellness for the students, staff, parents and volunteers that took part in the event.

“We did some research on [kite flying] and found out the health and wellness factors behind it,” said Michele Smith, PE instructor. “Getting outside, getting away from electronics, and the joy of seeing the kites in the air is all tied into that.” Smith was also surprised by how many students had not flown a kite before, which added to the excitement.

“I’ve never flown my kite this high before,” said Samuel Smith, who had a kite with a fighter jet design. “My favorite thing about flying my kite is hanging out with my friends, making it go super high, and getting to go outside.”

Kites of all different shapes, sizes and colors soared in the sky. Many of the students were excited about the 3-D pirate themed kite being flown by Assistant Principal Tom Ilgenfritz. Dad’s involved in the school’s WatchDOGS program manned the “Kite Hospital,” where students could take their broken kites to get mended. The WatchDOGS and numerous other parent volunteers helped to make the event a big success.

Students can now look forward to the next Kite Day as the campus plans on making it an annual spring time event.


Posted on March 7, 2014