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Hidden Forest spotlights staff member


Hidden Forest custodian, Walter Edwards, was recognized by students for his hard work.

Fifth grade students at Hidden Forest Elementary School voted to publicly recognize one of their favorite staff members. Students could have chosen any staff member in the school and chose, “Mr. Walter,” a custodian at Hidden Forest.

Students wanted to recognize him because he is hardworking, nice, and helps keep the school clean. One student said, “Mr. Walter keeps the school safe and clean and makes it fun for students to learn.” Mr. Walter likes to talk and joke around with kids in the hall and at lunch. "This is my third year here," said Walter. "I’ve been to many other campuses and I like it here more than anywhere else”.

When asked what he likes about his job, Mr. Walter said, “Taking care of the building and making it clean and safe for you guys.” To conclude the interview Mr. Walter said, “I love what I do for the school”. We are thankful every day for what he does.

Contributed by Sean Bowen and Paige Bonugli, 5th Grade Public Relations Students at Hidden Forest

Posted on February 05, 2014