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Hidden Forest Boasts LIGHT program

The following article was written by the fifth grade Public Relations students at Hidden Forest.

Light Article Story

Phenix Gaither, first grade student, and Matthew Belitos, a Teacher's Apprentice, enjoy the LIGHT program.

Last year at Hidden Forest, students started the LIGHT program for student leaders to help around the school. LIGHT stands for Leaders Inspiring Great Habits Together. Students can be safe and clean school agents, where they help clean around the school. Other leadership roles include, library assistants, office assistants, teacher’s apprentices, peace mediators, and public relations specialists, who write articles just like this one.

When asked why he likes LIGHT, Sean said, “because it helps our school look better.” Paige added that, “LIGHT lets student leaders participate in helping out around the school.”

Fifth graders feel that their leadership roles help them practice habit one, which is to be proactive, and learn from the older students. Josie Platts, a Library Assistant, believes leadership roles help kids learn that “they can do something good, even when there are no adults around.” Luke Wilkinson likes his job, which influences younger kids. He said, “my job is kind of cool because I’m like a role model for them and when I’m a role model, I feel good about myself.”

LIGHT was created to help students take part in leadership roles around the school. Fifth graders are thankful to have experienced such a wonderful program and hope it will continue after they move on to sixth grade.

By Paige Bonugli and Sean Bowen

Posted on December 18, 2013