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Harmony Hills students get robotics lesson from NEISD graduate

Dr. Crowley speaks with students about science and technology.

Dr. Crowley speaks to students about science and technology.

Professor James Crowley, a 1971 MacArthur High School graduate, recently paid a visit to fifth grade students at Harmony Hills Elementary School to speak about engineering, science and smart technologies.

His message to the students involved the comparison of Harry Potter's Magic and the fields of engineering and science. If you believe and stick to it you can make anything happen. The students were thrilled with his robotic dog and humanoid robots. He also showed pictures of his student’s latest inventions with smart house technologies. Computers can be placed in anything from the carpet to clothes and appliances, to take readings and monitor what needs to be done.

Dr. Crowley shared that he read a lot of science fiction growing up and that has helped him in his practices today. The students asked him how he prepared for his career when he was in fifth grade. Dr. Crowley encouraged the students to study and play with math and science. He also told them that if they dreamed it they could make it happen. Anything was possible which fits in with the Harmony Hills Mission this year, "Dream big and make a big difference in the world."

The students asked if Dr. Crowley struggled with making robots. Dr. Crowley shared that he sometimes worked all day and all night to finish a project, telling the students to never give up. Sometimes things don’t work like you want them to so you have to try again. Even Harry Potter’s spells don’t work the first time.

The students asked about smart cars and flying car technology. Dr. Crowley shared that they were currently working on flying cars but they were not allowed on the road at this time but in the next twenty years anything was possible. Dr. Crowley shared the ideas that his friends are working on around the world not just at his lab in France or in America. He shared that the Japanese and Chinese students are currently leading the world in robotics and engineering.

Crowley currently directs the PRIMA Research Project group of the LIG laboratory at the INlRIA Grenoble research center in Montbonnot, France and holds the post of professor at the Institut National Polytechnique de Grenoble (INPG), where he teaches courses in Computer Vision, Signal Processing, Pattern Recognition and Artificial Intelligence at l'ENSIMAG (Ecole National Superieure d'Informatique et de Mathematiques Appliquées).

For more information on Dr. Crowley's achievements click here.

Posted on November 07, 2013