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Encino Park students enjoy computer science

Hour of Code

You have probably never thought about it, but without computer science not much works!

Our students today live in a world surrounded by technology. So many aspects of our daily lives rely on computers, but only a small fraction of us learn computer science, the basics of how computers work, or how to create software, websites, or even apps. Computer Science provides a foundation for virtually any career and everybody can benefit from learning the basics.

During’s Computer Science Education Week, December 9-15, first through fifth grade students at Encino Park Elementary had an opportunity to try out the basics of computer science during an “Hour of Code”. Students in Amy Chandler’s Gifted and Talented classes helped make history by participating in the Hour of Code with about 10 million students worldwide!

Hour of Code

Chandler’s 1st through 5th grade G/T students learned how to do simple self-guided computer science programming activities that were not only fun and engaging, but allowed students to learn about repeat-loops, conditionals, and basic algorithms. Students were able to use laptops, iPads, and the classroom SmartBoard to learn how to code.

After the Hour of Code, students reflected on the activities and learning that took place:

-“I learned how to program online and it was challenging to figure how to multi-task while programming.” - Megan (4th grade)

-“This will really help with my dream career - engineering! Thanks!” -Luke (4th grade)

-”It was really exciting to see every step that we put together. One thing that was kind of hard was figuring out what way would work!” -Kaylee (4th grade)

-”I like doing the code, even though I wasn’t not very good. It taught me to not jump to the end and to take steps.” -Ryne (3rd grade)

-”I would LOVE to continue programming. All my life I wanted to be an inventor, and that involves programming”. -Dylan (3rd grade)

Encino Park students are on their way to become successful 21st century learners!

For more information about’s Hour of Code visit the website:

Posted on December 17, 2013