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Eisenhower sixth grade students sharpen math skills


Kristene Hays and her sixth grade students are benefiting from the Think Through Math program.

Eisenhower Middle School sixth graders are putting in the extra time to improve their math knowledge! Think Through Math is a computerized mathematics program that allows students to “fill in the gaps” and then progress ahead in their knowledge and understanding through placement tests and teacher designed pathways of instruction.

A great example of the program's success is occuring in Kristene Hays' class where 40 % of the students have completed more than 30 lessons, the average lesson per student ratio is 40 lessons. Her students have completed 6,478 lessons and worked on the program for more than 76 hours!

Think Through Math offers many contests and drawings to inspire and motivate the students. One is a drawing for students who have passed 30 lessons. It is called the Think 30 Club. Through his efforts, Braden Gill was eligible for the TTM drawing because he had passed over 30 lessons on the TTM program. Braden won a $30 Amazon gift card. He has completed 102 lessons to date.

Posted on March 19, 2014