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Electrical Systems Technology partners with Habitat for humanity

Electrical Systems

An EST sponsor talks to the students about installing cable/phone line connections.

Forty Electrical Systems Technology (EST) students and their sponsors were geared up and ready to work for a good cause. The North East ISD magnet program partnered with Habitat for Humanity to install wiring in three homes on January 29.

“This is our sixth year to work with habitat for humanity,” said Steve Albert, magnet program director. “This outing gives the students an opportunity to apply the knowledge they have learned in their electrical classes to a real world scenario, and at the same time, an opportunity to give back to their community.”

Electrical Systems

Students look over the wiring diagram for the house.

As one of two apprenticeship programs in the state of Texas, the Electrical Systems Technology prepares its students for a career field that is currently in need of fresh talent. “This is the new blood that is coming into the trade,” said Albert. “Right now the average age [of a tradesperson] is 57 years old so lots of electricians, plumbers and carpenters will be retiring here in the next few years.”
EST students are already looking forward to contributing their skills to more homes in Habitat for Humanity neighborhoods next year.

Group Photo

After enjoying hotdogs for lunch (hotdog buns donated by Kurz and sausage donated by Maher Marketing), the students got together for a group photo.

Posted on January 29, 2014