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It's Phun week (Physiology Understanding) at Driscoll

PhUn Week

Dr. Ibarra works with a Driscoll student.

On December 3-4, students at Driscoll Middle School participated in PhUn (Physiology Understanding) Week for the 5th consecutive year. During the week, 7th grade science students creatively imagined a scientist at work, measured heart rate, researched and presented posters on how exercise affects physiology, designed and implemented experiments to test the difference in heart rate pre and post exercise, made a human model of blood circulating through the body, and were visited by a guest physiologist.

Dr. Jessica Ibarra, a professor and research scientist at the University of Incarnate Word, shared her path to becoming a scientist, and what motivated her to choose a career as a scientist, as well as the various research projects she is currently investigating. Other activities during the physiologist visit included students analyzing the physiology of a cow heart, comparing and contrasting the anatomy of a fetal pig to the human anatomy, and extracting DNA from a strawberry. PhUn Week is sponsored by the American Physiological Society (APS) and is designed to promote the 6 star method of teaching science.

The six-star method focuses on student-centered instruction and valuing student diversity by incorporating technology, current content, inquiry and authentic assessment. Student must also reflect on their learning as part of the experience. In addition to learning valuable content, the APS also supplies gifts to each student, among them are PhUn Week string backpacks and bookmarks promoting careers in physiology.

PhUn Week PhUn Week
PhUn Week PhUn WEek


Posted on December 06, 2013