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Dellview welcomes King Rey Feo

King Rey Feo visited Dellview Elementary School on Feb. 24. The entire campus met in the gym and enjoyed hearing him talk about the importance of education. Students received a commemorative gold coin, danced, and cheered along side King Rey Feo.

The crowning of El Rey Feo, the "Ugly King," has been a part of San Antonio's Fiesta tradition since 1947, becoming an official part of the event in 1980. This monarch comes from a medieval tradition in which peasants elected one of their own as king for a day.

All El Rey Feo's have worked to raise money to award students for their college expenses.

Dellview students take a photo with Rey Feo

Students shouted out, "VIVA FIESTA!" throughout the event.

Posted on February 28, 2014