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Churchill TSA students demonstrate skills at regional meet

Congratulations to the video, photography and multimedia students in Robin Morriss' classes for winning more than 200 awards in the TSA (Technology Students Association) regional meet on Feb. 28 at Reagan High School.

Winning Best in Region in photography, video, and special effect animations categories:

- Winning at least 3 Best in Region titles each were Biatriz Garcia, Katie Pope and Hudson Moss
- Receiving 2 Best in Region titles were Carlos Reyes, Chris Hartman, and John Phelps
- Receiving Best in Region , Emily Hand, Holden Andrews, Alexis Taubin, Tommy Berry, Hector Ramos, Charlie Henry, Haley Williams, Ben foster, Esteban Spongberg, and Alan Florencia.

Winning 2nd place in Region in photography, video, and special effect animations categories:

- Biatriz Garcia received four 2nd place red ribbons
- John Phelps, Tommy Berry, Patrick Chaplin, Holden Andrews, Kate Williams, Hudson Moss, Alan Florencia, Eric Zahn, Chris Hartman, Brian Vu received three 2nd place red ribbons
- Esteban Spongberg, Emily Hand, Ben Williams, John Shull, Ryan Pope , Oscar Carcino, Brianna Beltran, and Charlie Henry also received a 2nd place ribbon.

Winning 3rd place in Region in photography, video, and special effect animations categories:
- Alan Florencia and Emily Hand were awarded three 3rd place ribbons
- Steven Grace, Kyle Gonzales, Kate Williams also won three 3rd place awards
- Cody Putman won two 3rd place awards
- Brianna Belton and Biatriz Garcia won two 3rd place ribbons
- Corey Trevor Wilson and Chris Hartman won two 3rd place honors
- Dillon Akins, Tommy Berry , and Luis Ocho also one a 3rd place ribbon.

Other State qualifiers include Alexis Chavarria, Anthoy Marcino, Peter Crabtree, Chris Garcia, Rafi Griffin-Garcia, Gailan Hart, Elizabeth Tharp, Elise Garcia, Ashton Later, Jade Lopez, Cody Putman, and Steven Grace.

The 20 video categories ranged from precisely timed videos; presentations; commercials; video editing; newscasts; video animations; marketing videos; green screen (chromakey); lip dubs; musical editing; and video highlights.

Students also won in computer imaging categories, 2D and 3D animations, and programming language to make an interactive programs.

Morriss’ students also had 47 entries in the photography categories where they won 42 ribbons in the annual event.

From Christopher Vasquez’s animation department, the campus submitted numerous types of projects.

Of the 34 submissions, 11 earned ribbons. Blue ribbon winners were:
- Said Guevara, 3D animation and computer generated image
- Jessica Hairston, 2D animation
- Brandon Belaire, 3D spinning logo
- Isaak Rose, Computer Generated Image
- Rogelio Galvan, Computer manipulated series of photographs
- Red Ribbon winners were:
- Jacob Hellyer, 3D spinning logo
- Ramzey Elahjji, 3D animation
- Chadaria Ellis, Computer manipulated series of Photographs
- Deven De Leon, Computer manipulated Photograph
- White ribbon winners were:
- Holly Martindale, Publisher Flyer
- Kristina Rodriguez, Computer Generated Image
- Nidia Jasso, Computer manipulated Photograph
- Jennifer Gonzalez, Computer Generated Drawing

Congratulations to all of the students that submitted their hard work in the Regional TSA contest and good luck to all that will advance to state competition.

First Period
2nd period
3rd period
6th period

7th period

First (Top) through seventh period (Below) took photos with their newly aquired ribbons.

Posted on March 19, 2014