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Bush choir performs at TMEA Convention

Bush Choir

The Bush Choir had a great time at the TMEA Convention.

Fifteen choir students from Bush Middle School participated in a choir demonstration during the 2014 Texas Music Educators Association convention on Feb. 14. The TMEA Convention is for all Texas music educators and is the largest convention hosted in San Antonio.

The young ladies performed various songs and warm up techniques with Dr. Lynne Gackle from Baylor University. Dr. Gackle has written a book concerning the changing female voice entitled, "Finding Ophelia's Voice, Opening Ophelia's Heart". The book focuses on the female adolescent voice change and how to conquer various battles with range and consistency.

“It was an honor for these ladies to represent Bush MS and San Antonio,” said Audrey D. De la Cruz, choir director.“They had a blast!”

Bush Choir at TMEA convention.


Posted on February 24, 2014